Borough Meetings

The Borough Council meets every month, with a council work session, public comment excluded, beginning at 6:30 p.m., with the regular meeting to follow. Meetings are held in the Council chambers of the Municipal Building located at 15 Main Street. The public is always encouraged to attend.

The preliminary Agenda for the next meeting is posted on the Bulletin Board in Borough Hall and on this Website, no earlier than the Friday before the meeting. It is possible that last minute changes could be made to the Agenda which may not be reflected on this web site. Minutes from Council meetings, once approved, can be accessed by clicking on the corresponding date. Prior year meeting minutes can be accessed from the Minutes Archive page.

Current Agenda

As a courtesy to the public, the following is the Agenda for the most recent Borough of Englishtown Council meeting.

The Agenda is normally posted by the Monday prior to the meeting date. Any last minute changes, additions or deletions to the Agenda will be reflected thereafter, and will remain posted until the next Agenda becomes available.

2020 Regular Council Meetings

January *2, 22 July 22
February 26 August 26
March 25 September 23
 April 22 October 28
 May 27  November 16
June 24 December 21

2019 Regular Council Meetings

January *2, 23 July 24
February 13 August 14
 March 13 September 25
 April 24 October 23
 May 22  November 18
June 12 December 16

2018 Regular Council Meetings

 January *3,  25   July 26
February 22 August 23
 March 22   September 27  
 April 24 October 25
 May 24  November 20
June **8 , 28 December 18

* Borough of Englishtown 2017 Re-organization Meeting.

**Special Meeting

Unified Planning/Zoning Board Meetings

The Unified Planning and Zoning Board is commissioned with the responsibility of insuring that the zoning ordinances of the Borough and the Municipal Land Use Law are followed by residents and builders wishing to make improvements to property within the Borough’s borders. The Board meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month in the Council Chamber’s at Borough Hall, 15 Main Street. Meetings begin at 7:30 P.M.

Those residents wishing to apply to the Planning/Zoning Board for a variance from the Borough’s Zoning Ordinances must first complete an application and pay the applicable fees. A copy of the Borough zoning code can be obtained from the Borough Clerk’s Office. The application can be obtained from the Board Secretary.

Residents are encouraged to attend these meetings as they are informative in the direction and growth of the Borough.

2018 Regular Council Meetings


2017 Regular Council Meetings

January 24

*reorg. mtg.

July 25
   February 28    August 22
 March 28  September 26
    April 25   October 24
 May 23  November 28
 June 27  December 19